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    Find out how UNITED will demonstrate different multi-use systems
    in the real environment.  

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    UNITED will demonstrate the viability of ocean multi-use
    exploring five different dimensions of sustainability

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    Meet the team members working to implement UNITED

Ocean multi-use can potentially contribute to a more sustainable and efficient use of ocean resources, and provide tangible economic and environmental benefits. UNITED will promote ocean multi-use through the installation of real-world demonstration pilots, exploring technical, regulatory, economic, social and environmental requirements and impacts.

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    RT @EATIP_eu: Delighted to also have the @H2020United on board, presenting their 🌊#aquaculture & #wind farm pilot at the @EATiP on-line Fo…
    RT @musica_project: The @H2020United webinar "GET TO KNOW ABOUT OCEAN MULTI-USE DEMONSTRATION PILOTS" takes place Wed, Oct 27 (10am CEST).…
    🌊🤿 UNITED is implementing and testing #ocean #MultiUse in five real-life demonstration sites across Europe. How are activities progressing? ✅ Join us at the next webinar! 👉 cutt.ly/nReRTiN @EU_MARE @SubmNet @DeltaresNL @EU_H2020 @mspglobal2030 @ACTeon_Env @WUR