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    Multi-Use offshore platforms demoNstrators for boostIng cost-effecTive and Eco-friendly proDuction in sustainable marine activities

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    Find out how UNITED will demonstrate different multi-use systems
    in the real environment.  

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    UNITED will demonstrate the viability of ocean multi-use
    exploring five different dimensions of sustainability

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    Meet the team members working to implement UNITED

Ocean multi-use can potentially contribute to a more sustainable and efficient use of ocean resources, and provide tangible economic and environmental benefits. UNITED will promote ocean multi-use through the installation of real-world demonstration pilots, exploring technical, regulatory, economic, social and environmental requirements and impacts.

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    🌊💨A sunny day in Copenhagen, a short boat ride, a walk up the wind turbine: this was the open day at the Middelgrunden wind farm, the Danish UNITED pilot site. And here's the report by the people who were there! 👉cutt.ly/xhfKki9 #OceanMultiUse #BlueEconomy #H2020United
    🌊💦A biofouling test was run at the Kiel Meeresfarm as part of the German pilot's activities. Curious to know what it is about? Read the full story here 👉cutt.ly/Ug58E7g #OceanMultiUse #BlueEconomy #H2020United
    🧜💦Rolling out underwater sensor: a first step towards linking #aquaculture and #tourism at the Greel pilot. Curious to know more? Here's the full story 👉cutt.ly/kg587G5 #OceanMultiUse #BlueEconomy #H2020United

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