Greek pilots completes the rolling up of underwater sensors to link aquaculture & tourism

WINGS has finalised the installations of sensors and cameras in the Greek pilot site, with AQUAWINGS platform successfully receiving now all the valuable data that would provide a clear picture on environmental parameters and video live footage from the underwater cameras. AQUAWINGS platform uses this data to provide the aquaculture farmers with actual information regarding any potential environmental disturbance from their farm’s operations, while cameras monitor real-time the fish behaviour, with complex algorithms producing insights on fish health, tracking deviations from their normal swimming patterns. For example, underwater cameras can monitor stress levels of the farmed farmed sea bream and sea bass to see how they react to the presence of tourist or infrastructure maintenance divers.

Operations to install underwater cameras and sensors had started in late summer and autumn of 2020. Sensors also check the water quality to monitor the environmental impact of the site.

“Our diving specialist Kostas Thoctarides will also survey the site in the coming month to create an underwater path for the expeditions and see if it’s secure for divers,” said pilot lead Ioanna Drigkοpoulou. “We also plan to have Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles (ROVs) that send real-time video to those not willing to dive or able to for health reasons.”

Now that installation have been finalized, the biggest challenge on the horizon will come from COVID-19. Although restrictions have so far not had a big impact on the Greek pilot, “It’s not sure that tourists will be able to travel and engage in such recreational activity” says Drigkοpoulou. “Patroklos has divers all year round but from March on, we’re hoping to be able to have more people and activity to show the benefits of the fish farm.”