• Laurine Tertre

UNITED first press release is OUT!

Ocean multi-use can contribute to a more sustainable and efficient use of ocean resources, providing tangible economic and environmental benefits. Thanks to its five demonstration pilots across European seas, the UNITED project will provide evidence that multi-use can be a viable approach to contribute to the EU Blue Growth Strategy and address spatial competition for both the European maritime industry and marine ecosystems. Running until 2023, UNITED will address current bottlenecks relating to the large-scale installation of ocean multi-use infrastructure, focusing on combinations of renewable energy, aquaculture and tourism.

UNITED does not only evaluate the viability of ocean multi-use on paper, it does so in the real world: the project is built around five demonstration pilots that put multi-use into practice, both in near-shore and off-shore environments. The pilots are located in three European regional seas – spanning Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Greece – subject to a wide variety of environmental and regulatory conditions. Each of the five UNITED pilot sites combines at least two economic activities, ranging from wind or solar renewable energy, aquaculture, bio-resources, oyster restoration, recreational diving and boat tours... Read more.