• Ivana

German Seaweed Harvest Marks Success for UNITED Pilot Project in the North Sea 

 german pilot

The German UNITED pilot project, spearheaded by a team of dedicated experts, has achieved a significant milestone with the successful decommissioning and harvest of its seaweed nets in the harsh and exposed offshore environment of the North Sea. The achievement signifies a major breakthrough in offshore multi-use initiatives and paves the way for the forthcoming ULTFARMS pilot project. 

Under the leadership of the pilot project's team, extensive planning and meticulous execution led to the triumph of the seaweed harvest. The project encompassed a series of meetings and thorough preparations before the summer break, as the team focused on decommissioning the UNITED pilot and laying the foundation for the new ULTFARMS pilot. The recent seaweed harvest showcased remarkable outcomes, with seaweed cultivated across various water depths and through different seeding methods. Despite the patchy growth, the success of the seeded areas exceeded expectations. 

Notably, the offshore location, known for its technical challenges, witnessed seamless execution without any failures. Elated with the results, the team expressed contentment and enthusiasm as they look forward to incorporating these achievements into the follow-up ULTFARMS project. By leveraging the learnings from the UNITED pilot, the upcoming ULTFARMS endeavor aims to propel offshore multi-use strategies to new heights. 

The successful seaweed harvest serves as a testament to the unwavering dedication and expertise of the German UNITED pilot project team. Their relentless pursuit of innovation and sustainable practices has earned them well-deserved recognition within the offshore industry. As they embark on the new phase of the ULTFARMS project, the team is poised to push boundaries and create a more environmentally friendly and efficient offshore ecosystem.