• Katharina Kurzweil

Ocean Multi-Use Final UNITED Event

Last November, Gothenburg, SE, hosted the Ocean Multi-Use Final UNITED Event, as part of the 1st Mission Arena. This landmark gathering brought together experts and stakeholders to explore the future of ocean multi-use and showcased the experience gathered so far in the frame of the UNITED Project and its follow-up project – ULTFARMS.


UNITED final event


The event was structured into seven insightful sessions, each addressing different aspects of ocean multi-use:

Offshore Wind Multi-Use – Food Security And Nature Restoration: Reconciling Different Priorities

  • Focus: The session, led by Marijn Rabaut, focused on the complexities of planning and regulatory frameworks necessary for multi-use offshore projects.
  • Key Outcome: It highlighted the urgent need for a unified approach to government policies and emphasized the significant economic impact of insurance issues in multi-use development.

Session materials:

II What Have We Achieved? Key Results and Impacts of UNITED Pilots

  • Focus: This session showcased the accomplishments of the UNITED pilots, Moderated by Tim Staufenberger, it featured presentations from Nancy Nevejan (Belgian Pilot), Zinzi Reimert (Dutch Pilot), Eva Strothotte (German Pilot), Hans Chr Sørensen (Danish Pilot), and Evaggelia Labrakopoulou (Greek Pilot). Key Outcome: Advancements in low trophic aquaculture, innovative seaweed farming techniques, stakeholder engagement strategies, and increased public interest in offshore wind farms have been showcased, underscoring the importance of collaboration and adaptability in multi-use operations. 

Session materials:

III How Do We Assess the Sustainability of Ocean Multi-Use?

  • Focus: Steven Degraer’s opening remarks set the stage for discussing the critical need for an integrated sustainability assessment framework.
  • Key Outcome: The session stressed the importance of evaluating economic, social, and environmental impacts collectively and involving a broad range of stakeholders in this process.

Session materials:

IV From Benefits to Business: Strategizing Commercialization of Ocean Multi-Use with UNITED

  • Focus: Ivana Lukic presented the UNITED Ocean Multi-Use Commercialization Roadmap, highlighting the transition from innovation and project outputs to commercial viability.
  • Key Outcome: The session pinpointed challenges like insurance and the necessity of governmental support in fostering a business-friendly environment for ocean multi-use.

Session materials:

Multi-Use Technology Roadshow

  • Focus: The session, moderated by Roderik Hoekstra, covered the technological challenges and lessons learned from the UNITED and EU-SCORES  projects.
  • Key Outcome: It underscored the importance of robust technology and data-centric approaches for the sustainable implementation of multi-use infrastructures.

Session materials:

VI Ocean Multi-Use Blueprint and Transferability

  • Focus: Ivana Lukic introduced the UNITED Blueprints collection for successful multi-use, discussing their wider applicability.
  • Key Outcome: The session highlighted the crucial role of government incentives and research in promoting multi-use, pointing out the potential for integrating nature protection, energy, and aquaculture.

Session materials:

VII Ocean Multi-Use Industry Sounding Board and Nordic Innovation

  • Focus: The final session of the event, addressed the commercialization ´s scaling up aspect for ocean multi-use practices and solutions, introducing the ULTFARMS Ocean Multi-Use Industry Sounding Board.
  • Key Outcome: It revealed the importance of clear regulations and insurance considerations and the extreme importance of working hand in hand with the industry to gather real-time feedback from the market.
    It also emphasized sustainable business opportunities in the Nordic region.

Session materials:



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