1st UNITED report ready for publication

The report is reviewing several previous ocean multi-use projects, such as for example those co-financed by the FP7 ‘The Oceans of Tomorrow’ and Horizon 2020 programmes. The report also reviews promising designs, technological proposals and models for combining activities – in terms of both economic potential and environmental impacts – brought forward by these projects. In addition, the report collects insights from the UNITED pilots on the expected barriers to multi-use implementation. 5 cut

Overall, a wide variety of barriers were identified, showing that there are more than just technological barriers hampering the implementation of ocean-multi use. These include also regulatory and financial challenges. The report highlights that barriers need to be investigated on a case-by-case manner, as some of them are location-specific. 

The results presented in this deliverable can provide insights and references to some of the upcoming UNITED deliverables including the “Review of existing solutions or developed solutions” and “Optimisation of business cases and requirements definitions”. Furthermore, the literature review can inform further development for the pilots, supporting UNITED consortium members in identifying relevant projects and publications to learn from.

The report will be published in the coming days and be available for download on this webpage:

Under the same work package, the UNITED partners are also preparing the ‘’Report on the State-of-the-art implementation of an integrated pilot approach’’, which will be ready for publication in July. For the purpose of this report, the UNITED partners will be conducting interviews with key stakeholders in each of the UNITED pilot sites during the month of May, and collecting input during the first UNITED Webinar on 3 June.