The Recording of the 2nd UNITED webinar is now online! 

Did you miss our event on the 27th October? Check out the recording of the 2nd UNITED webinar and enjoy listening to our exciting line-up of speakers!
Our webinar showcased advances in the EU-co financed project UNITED. Taking a multi-disciplinary approach, the webinar discussed several aspects of multi-use and co-location, with focus on the multi-use implementation in the five UNITED pilots. We heard about a number of challenges encountered along the way, lessons learned for future endeavours, and the key next steps in the coming period.
Thanks again to everyone who participated and for all the interesting questions we received via SLIDO!




First UNITED webinar: Challenges, risks and barriers for the large-scale commercial roll-out of ocean multi-use

The first UNITED webinar took place on 3 June 2020. The webinar, which lasted 3 hours, introduced the project to the wider audience and it initiated a broader discussion about the topic of multi-use. Over 90 attendees had an opportunity to learn about the ongoing project activities, its pilots, and involved partners. Some of the initial project results were verified via an interactive live poll session. The initial review of barriers to multi-use conducted in UNITED highlighted that not only Technological Readiness Level is important as an indicator for multi-use development progress, but also Social, Commercial & Legal Readiness Level. The live poll showed that local jobs and local seafood sources are some of the main expected benefits of the multi-use. The Q&A with speakers took place via the GoToWebinar chat and the results can be seen here. The UNITED sister project MUSICA: Multiple-use-of Space for Island Clean Autonomy was also be presented, and the presentation has been published here.

Click on the title to download a presentation:

The UNITED Project and Multi-Use (by Ghada El Serafy)






First UNITED press release: Real-life Demonstration of Ocean Multi-Use Systems accross Europe

Ocean multi-use can contribute to a more sustainable and efficient use of ocean resources, providing tangible economic and environmental benefits. Thanks to its five demonstration pilots across European seas, the UNITED project will provide evidence that multi-use can be a viable approach to contribute to the EU Blue Growth Strategy and address spatial competition for both the European maritime industry and marine ecosystems. Running until 2023, UNITED will address current bottlenecks relating to the large-scale installation of ocean multi-use infrastructure, focusing on combinations of renewable energy, aquaculture and tourism... Read more.


Toolbox for data analysis, visualization, and planning for decision makers (December 2021)

Design and construction plans for the pre-operational phases of the pilots (June 2021)

Automation and scheduling tools (December 2021)

Report on Optimization of Scheduling, Operations, and Maintenance (June 2022)

Decision Support System (DSS) specifications and design for MUCLs (June 2022)

Technical report on design procedure limitations and improvements (December 2023)

Review of the State-of-the-Art

Report on identified risks, challenges and barriers (April 2020)

Report on the State of the Art implementation of an integrated pilot approach (June 2020)

Business Analysis (December 2021)

UNITED Framework design (June 2023)

Catalogue of multi-use blueprint solutions (June 2023)


Current economic assessment and status of Pilots (April 2020)

UNITED Assessment Framework to Determine Economic Feasibility of Multi-Use Platforms (December 2020)

Assessment on the added value of MUCLs within pilots (December 2022)

The Business Case for Multi-UsePlatforms: Costs, Benefits and Lessons from Practice (December 2022)


Current environmental assessment and status of Pilots (July 2020)

Assessment Framework to Determine Ecological Feasibility of Multi-Use Platforms. (June 2021)

Report on Environmental impact assessment (June 2022)

Environmental impact assessment models for the commercial rollout of Multi-Use Platforms (December 2022)

Contribute to Generic Roadmap (June 2023)


Framework and practical guidelines for stakeholder engagement (July 2020)

Report on stakeholder interactions and engagement in pilots (October 2022)

Report on training workshops for stakeholder engagement (June 2023)

Report on stakeholder interactions and engagement in pilots (June 2023)

Recommendations for successful stakeholder involvement  in multi-use platforms  (June 2023)

Legal, policy & governance

Inventory of legal and insurance aspects, risks and risk management options and the wider governance context of risk management. (October 2020)

Case specific report on legal aspects and insurance issues (June 2023)

Case specific report on risk management aspects within the confines of legal and insurance aspects. (September 2022)

Manuscript of Synthesis of Risk Governance (June 2023)

Implementation phase

Review of pilot TRL, legal aspects, technical solutions and risks (August 2020)

Developing a blueprint for the offshore site operation (April 2021)

Curriculum for offshore course, guideline and learning manual (April 2021)

Joint monitoring, operation and maintenance protocol (July 2022)

Report on harmonized findings from pre-operational and operational phase (September 2022)

Development and implementation of a decommissioning procedure (March 2023)

Synthesis report for pilots (June 2023)

Assessment and validation

Report on technical assessment and validation (December 2022)

Report on socio-economic assessment and validation (July 2022)

Report on environmental assessment and validation (September 2022)

UNITED auditing procedures and TRL assessment manual (November 2022)

Implementation Plan for the operation and maintenance (December 2022)

Communication and dissemination

Final dissemination report (June 2023)

Initial Communication plan (July 2020)

Final report on ecosystem building and stakeholders empowerment (June 2023)

Knowledge Transfer Plan (December 2021)

Report on training sessions for knowledge transfer (June 2023)

Report on training sessions for technology transfer (June 2023)

Commercialisation roadmap (June 2023)

A final communication report (June 2023)