Dutch Pilot News | Dutch King visits North Sea Future of Energy Infrastructures

 King’s visit to locations in the North Sea for the future of energy: offshore wind, sun and green hydrogen.

Last August, His Majesty the King paid a visit to various locations in the North Sea, where the future of the energy system is being worked on, with wind, sun and green hydrogen.

One of the many locations visited was the Oceans of Energy pilot project as part of the H2020 UNITED Project, where floating solar panels are tested. The Netherlands does not have enough suitable space on land to use the energy from the sun that is needed for future energy mix. This test is a step towards a large-scale rollout at sea, since so far, floating solar technologies have never been tested offshore. The possible integration of these solar panels with wind farming and seaweed cultivation is being explored as part of the ocean multi-use concept.

The King’s visit ended with His participation to a meeting with representatives of all parties and organizations involved.

The full press release is available here (in Dutch).

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