UNITED Belgium pilot transferring knowledge with the help of Renewable Grid Initiative “Offshore Nature 22” video series 

The video series highlights the potential of combining offshore wind farms with other activities such as aquaculture, marine conservation, and shipping lanes. 

Ms. Nancy Nevejan, a project coordinator for Belgium's ocean multi-use UNITED pilot, explains how the project is exploring the possibilities of combining multiple uses of the ocean while minimizing the impact on the environment.  "We're looking at how we can use the ocean in a more efficient way by combining different activities," Nevejan said in the video. "We want to create synergies and avoid conflicts between different sectors."  

The Renewable Grid Initiative Offshore Nature 22 series aims to promote the use of offshore wind energy as a key component of the transition to a sustainable and carbon-neutral future. The series features interviews with experts in the field, including policymakers, industry leaders, and researchers.  Nevejan's involvement in the series highlights the innovative approach being taken by Belgium's UNITED pilot project and the potential for similar projects to be implemented around the world. 

Link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjUsKAUBDbA