WORKSHOP 1 - It is important not to create the red tape....

The  first UNITED workshop took place on Wednesday, 26th January 2022 from 09:00 - 15:00 CET.

The first UNITED public training workshop “Offshore Platform Operation, Safety and Logistics within the context of multi-use” was successfull.
In the first part sixty attendees from France, Sweden, Tanzania and 15 other countries joined the workshop and round about thirty discussed about the topic the second session. The workshop contributes to the capacity building of professionals working in offshore operations and logistics and reduces risks for the ongoing and future development of ocean multi-use solutions.

The key takeaway from the first part of the workshop - multi-use may result in new risks - while new standards and procedures may also be needed, it is important not to create the red tape. Ensuring understanding between users, and having some sort of flexibility will play an important role!

Download the agenda as pdf here.

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