Belgian Pilot News | Mission day with the Belgian television on board

 Nancy Kobe Over Eten 27Juni2022

Earlier this summer, the National Belgian Television joined us for a day at sea! The aim of the excursion on that day of July, was to install a third restoration table, to implant young oyster spat in the restoration table and to attach a new oyster aquaculture structure to the backbone in order to test its application offshore. These tasks were not easy to implement, as very bad weather suddenly hit the crew, despite an initial nice sunrise. Thankfully everyone was equipped with safety helmets and jackets! The anchors and camera crew from the show “Over eten” from the VRT channel were very impressed by the work being done in the UNITED project, particularly under these rough conditions, and were also enthusiastic about experiencing life at sea for a bit! 

The footage will be featured in the “Noordzee” episode of the “Over eten”show on 5.10.2022 on VRT.

More information (in Dutch) can be found on the VRT website.

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