• Katharina Kurzweil

A new ZDF documentary film features UNITED and ULTFARMS

 UNITED and ULTFARMS are once again in the spotlight, this time featured in a new ZDF documentary film. Tune in on October 25th to discover more about the German pilot and similar initiatives worldwide. Passionate individuals and teams are leading marine conservation projects that promise a sustainable future for our oceans. In Germany, the documentary is exploring a groundbreaking experiment off the North Sea coast of Sylt, where innovative offshore seaweed cultivation is taking place within the UNITED and ULTFARMS projects. Leading this initiative is Eva Strothotte from FH Kiel. Supported by the EU, her work showcases the boundless potential of algae. Beyond carbon capture, they can be transformed into food, eco-friendly materials, and even substitutes for plastic. This sustainable aquaculture endeavor has the potential to evolve into a large-scale industry. Eva's journey highlights the incredible potential of multi-use projects in Germany, and it's just one example of how people worldwide are committed to creating a healthier marine environment.

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