• Katharina Kurzweil

Online Joint Webinar: Commercializing United Project´s Results & ULTFARMS Launch

The highly anticipated joint webinar on the commercialization of the UNITED project's ocean multi-use pilot results and the launch of ULTFARMS was a resounding success. Attendees had the exclusive opportunity to delve deep into the diverse solutions, commercial outputs, and invaluable lessons derived from the UNITED project, guided by a panel of experts from BlueInvest and Horizon Results Booster who provided insightful feedback and highlighted the immense potential of these initiatives.

The session marked the official presentationof the Ocean Multi-Use Industry Sounding Board, a significant step forward in fostering collaboration and innovation in the field. Participants were introduced to the next phase of the UNITED project, termed ULTFARMS, promising to take the most promising pilots to new heights in terms of technology and commercial readiness.

The interactive segment of the webinar facilitated through SLIDO encouraged vibrant discussions, welcoming inputs from advisory board members and an engaged audience. The webinar not only shed light on the progress made but also set the stage for attendees to actively shape the future of sustainable blue growth. It was an event punctuated with knowledge, active participation, and the shared anticipation of shaping a sustainable future in blue growth.

The help of Horizon Result Booster and Blue Invest has been very much appreciated to give our pilots the correct tools to boost their commercial viability.

To download the event summary report, slido results, Ultfarms' project overview and presentations to learn more about what was discussed and what are the findings of this event, check the Publications' page - Event reports section.


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