UNITED 2nd webinar - get to know about ocean multi-use demonstration pilots!

Are you keen on knowing more about ocean multi-use and co-location, as well as their prospects in Europe? Or are you simply interested in how to make European blue economy more sustainable? Then this webinar is not to be missed!
The interactive webinar on October 27th will showcase advancements in the EU-co financed project UNITED, which is testing multi-use and co-location of marine activities in five real-life ocean multi-use pilot sites.
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Download the agenda as pdf here.

Depending on the site, different combinations of activities are being deployed and tested:

The technologies researched and implemented by UNITED are being tested near-shore before their implementation offshore – thus including research of both more subdued conditions near-shore as well as more critical conditions offshore. The aim is to bring offshore technology in the five pilots across three Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) – from validation and demonstration in relevant environment (TRL5 and TRL6) to system prototype demonstration in operational environment (TRL7) – showcasing operations of multi-use and co-location for 1-2 years.

Taking a multi-disciplinary approach the UNITED webinar will discuss several aspects of multi-use and co-location, including:

  • At what stage is the multi-use implementation in 5 UNITED pilots?
  • What challenges were encountered on the way and are there any lessons learned for future such endeavours?
  • What are the key next steps in the coming period?
  • How can interested stakeholders engage with the pilot and obtain regular updates on the development progress?