• Ivana

Check out the commercialisation potential of our pilots!

To showcase the commercialization potential of the project, UNITED has released a series of marketing flyers highlighting its key products and services. The flyers outline the innovative technologies and services available for investors interested in the project, including renewable energy solutions, smart buoys for ocean monitoring, and aquaculture systems designed to reduce environmental impacts. In addition, the marketing flyers provide information about the potential revenue streams for investors, including renewable energy production, fish farming, and eco-tourism.

The UNITED project is expected to generate significant interest from investors looking for sustainable, ocean-based opportunities with a positive environmental impact. The UNITED project is now inviting investors and other stakeholders to read the marketing flyers and learn more about the commercialisation potential of the project. The project's team is available to answer any questions and provide further information to interested parties. With the successful completion of the multi-use demonstration pilots, the project is poised for growth and presents a unique opportunity for investors to contribute to a more sustainable future.

Check out the UNITED Pilot Commercialisation flyers: