News from the network: The Multi-Use is gaining momentum!

Download the procedure visual here

The Multi-Use Procedure focuses primarily on the alignment between wind farm operators and multi-users. The Procedure is suited for any type of multi-use: from seaweed farming to floating solar panels and nature. Once the multi-user and wind farm operator have completed the Procedure, then the Multi-user is ready to apply for a “Waterwet-vergunning” permit for that specific wind farm. The benefit of having followed the Multi-use Procedure is that the wind farm operator is already in agreement with multi-user’s permit application: a very important “tick in the box” for a successful permit process!last_news_item.png

There are three new projects running in parallel with UNITED: The Seaweed & Wind projectis involving UNITED partners Universiteit Gent andNoordzeeboerderij. This projectaims to develop a large-scale and automated seaweed production system that is reliable at sea and can be used within the many wind farms in the North Sea. 

Starting from June 2020, another UNITED partner, the SUBMARINER Network for Blue Growth, will find itself involved in the international multi-use project MULTI-FRAME (2020-2023). This project will develop a sustainability assessment framework for multi-use and apply it by developing multi-use scenarios in five locations across the world: United States, France, Sweden, Mozambique and Norway.

Moreover, UNITED sister project MUSICA (2020-2023), also funded by the Horizon 2020 programme, is focusing on multi-use platforms and multi-use use of space solutions for small islands àfor more information check out the MUSICA project website