UNITED interactive multi-use Workshop Series starting soon

The UNITED team is happy to announce the start of a series of multi-use training workshops. The first public available workshop “Workshop Offshore Platform Operation, Safety and Logistics within the context of multi-use” will be held on October 26, 2021 in Kiel, Germany if the COVID19 situation is permitting this. Alternatively an online format will be available.

The workshops will address current and most pressing topics in the field of multi-use offshore activities. Diverse multi-use concepts from economical, ecological, legal, social and technical perspectives will be covered in this series. The events seek to offer a platform to bring together speakers and participants from different industrial sectors with a broad scientific community as well as social and administrative representatives. The workshops encourage innovative peer-to-peer networking and an up-to-date knowledge transfer between practitioners.

The registration will be posted on the UNITED website.  

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