Legal, policy and governance pillar

The Legal, Policy and Governance Pillar will assist in the development of ocean multi-use solutions by analyzing the societal context, addressing risks and legal challenges and supporting the rollout and upscaling of activities. The activities will focus on:

  • Addressing challenges to support the rollout and upscaling of activities, with special attention to insurance aspects;
  • Addressing health and safety aspects of ocean multi-use solutions;
  • Translating the substance and core principles of governance to the context of risk and risk-related decision-making;
  • Involving stakeholders when assessing safe and health aspects, as well as in the development of viable business models for ocean multi-use solutions.

The short informative videos have been produced addressing the health and safety aspects of ocean multi-use solutions.

They provide insights about the health and safety framework which will be applied in the UNITED project.

UNITED is developing a series of videos on this topic that will be uploaded here as they become available.

The products of the Legal, policy and governance Pillar:

An inventory of legal and insurance aspects, risk and risk management optionsand the wider governance contextof risk management related to multi-use solution

An analysis of the specific context of each pilot concerning policy and legal aspectsas well as insurance issues. On this basis, each pilot will be advised on the most appropriate way to develop multi-use solutiongiven the potential limitations and conflicts arising from these legal and insurance aspects.

An analysis of health and safety issues in each pilot, including the logistics, ancillary infrastructure and maintenance services. Safety risks will be assessed from three perspective: food and feed, people and equipment, environment and cumulative aspects.

An overall risk governance analysis on multi-use initiatives, based on the experiences of the five UNITED pilots.