The Social acceptance of ocean multi-use and the involvement of all stakeholders in the design, implementation and operation are key success factors. The UNITED Societal Pillar will serve as the primary point of contact with all stakeholders, building a centralized survey and engagement point to facilitate effective and streamlined communication channels. 

The Societal Pillar will:

  • Secure consistent and coherent stakeholder involvement throughout UNITED;
  • Support the pilot development throughout the entire project; and
  • Capitalize on lessons learnt in UNITED to support future ocean multi-use developers.

The products of the Societal Pillar:

framework and practical Guidelines for stakeholder involvement processes in the five UNITED pilots

stakeholder analysis in the five pilots, to identify: (i) relevant stakeholders to be included in the development process; and (ii) stakeholders' wishes and needs, to be addressed in order topropel the design of supported and commercially relevant multi-use solutions.

Training workshops for stakeholders in each pilot, to inform them about principles and processes.

monitoring and evaluation of stakeholders’ engagement in the five pilots, based on the framework developed at the beginning of the project.

Recommendations for stakeholder engagement in the development of ocean multi-use solutions.