The technological pillar will address the technological requirements of the pilots to achieve ocean multi-use production sites. The activities will aim to:

  • Respond to technological requirements from pilots;
  • Develop potential missing technologies or methods for meeting technological requirements;
  • Support the development, execution and automation of pilots with technological input;
  • Support and enhance the observational and automated networks within pilots, to create an integrated system capable of supporting simultaneously all activities and adequately addressing risk management.

The products of the Technological Pillar:

A set of tools to enable siting of the pilots

The adaptation and update of monitoring, mooring, docking and management systems of the pilots

Design and construction plans for each pilot

ITC solutions for automation and scheduling

Decision-Support System (DSS) targeting environmentally optimized ocean multi-use, including environmental variables such as commercial species, species in need of conservation, identification of suitable locations and eco-engineering practices, as well as assessment of potential positive and negative effects on the marine environment.